Summary of Feedback for Jess McNamara’s 6 Steps to Sanity Program


  • “Thank you for doing this. I was actually having a stressful day prior to the session.”


  • “Wonderful job! Truly needed this.”


  • “Very helpful suggestions and easy to try on own time.


  • “Jessica is a great presenter! She doesn’t lecture, she educates.”


  • “Excellent again!! It was like I was sitting around a table with my girlfriends chatting. Very comfortable.”


  • “All I can say is thank you for doing this.”


  • “This is awesome!”


  • “So glad you are doing this.”


  • “You’ve helped me to become a new ‘me.’ You’ve shown me how to be a part of ‘we.’ You’ve shown me that there is truly an ‘us.’ But most importantly, you’ve given us a small part of ‘you,’ and for that, I am forever grateful.”


  • “Thanks so much for a great lunch today. I really enjoyed this session! I need to and am going to take charge of my own happiness, starting today.”


  • “I am regularly practicing my breathing and love it!!”